5 Reasons You Need a TMC

Here at Access Bookings, we know that arranging business travel for the masses can be a tumultuous and extremely time-consuming affair (not to mention stressful if plans go off course), so, if you’re one of those that are just starting to think about using a travel management company (TMC), we reckon you may need a little convincing about why you should choose a TMC to manage your travel needs in the first place!

Or, on the other hand if you’re one of the few that already use a TMC, (hopefully, you’ll already be pretty clued in on the amazingly positive impact they have), we’ve got 5 reassuring reasons why you made an excellent business decision.

Partnerships and rates

One of the biggest benefits and reasons to use a TMC, is having access to the broad network of connections we have. This means you’ll get access to our specially negotiated rates, corporate rates and of course the best available prices!

24/7 Award-winning Support and Knowledge

With over 30 years of experience, we have offices worldwide, filled to the brim with creative, committed and experienced people. We’re there for you when you need us. 24/7, all year round. So if you’re working late or if the unexpected happens – our award-winning team can help!

Travel Policy Compliance

A well-written travel policy is absolutely essential to helping you control costs, setting out all the relevant procedures will also help to keep your employees safe while working to reduce your business’s overall travel spend. We’ll have all your policy rules in one place and will be able to advise the traveller how they can meet their business travel requirements while staying within the company’s policy, and when this is not possible (perhaps given the business objectives of the trip), we’ll provide clear reasons and help you explore your options.

Emergency Assistance – Security and Safety

Once we’re alerted to an emergency situation, straight away a dedicated team will identify any affected travellers worldwide and notify all appropriate travel managers (who will be provided detailed traveller tracking of their team). We ensure safe transit or accommodation throughout, so you never need to worry, we’ve got you sorted!

Time is Money

Have you ever considered how much time each person in your business spends researching and booking travel? When you sift through flights and accommodation, compare deals, then make sure an online quote actually meets all specifications and conforms to all your company policy rules, the price and time taken seems to be a lot larger! If you were to hand over this responsibility to us, your employees could focus on higher value tasks, which is what they were employed to do in the first place.

And there you have it! In short, if you’re not working with a TMC, you’re missing out on a chance to save time, stress and of course, money too. Get in touch to see how we can help you!