All aboard the wi-fi

British Airways and its parent company International Airlines Group (IAG), is set to introduce it’s high-speed Wi-Fi (.air), onboard selected flights this June. If you are travelling on a Wi-Fi enabled aircraft your crew will advise you once on board. By 2019, it’s hoping to get this feature installed on 90% of its flights, soon you’ll find your whole world – and more – ready at your fingertips!



This feature comes after the decision to replace the meal option for short-haul economy class passengers, with paid M&S sandwiches and snacks, and the decision to economise legroom for selected passengers.

After reaching 10,000 feet (approximately 10 minutes into the flight), passengers will be able to connect to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi using ‘airplane-mode’. Decide which device you would like to use for your time onboard, as you will be unable to switch the connection between devices.



The first hour of Wi-Fi will be free (for a limited time only courtesy of Visa), then afterwards you’ll have to pay for one of the two packages on offer. These start at £4.99 to simply browse the internet (check Facebook, post Instagram pics and send those all important instant messages), and £7.99 for the streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. You can catch up on your favourite series from where you left off or watch brand new Netflix series and films (we recommend The Crown!)

Other airlines such as Emirates have set the path for onboard wifi, providing 2 hours for free wifi for everyone and if you’re lucky enough to be in First or Business Class, it’s unlimited!



Now, what was the delay in adding Wi-Fi to European flights I hear you ask?

This is down to Europe, having a much denser airspace than others, such as the US. This makes connecting to satellites patchy and unstable, even at the best of times! The method that the IAG have devised, to combat the issue is to build over 300 ground-based towers, placed across Europe which allows aeroplane antennas to connect.



We can’t wait to hear how you got on! But for now, have a safe journey and enjoy your trip!