Beat the Jet Lag Blues

Frequent business travellers, it’s time to conquer our worst enemy: jet lag.

You can become a master packer, an airline connoisseur and a hotel savant, but no matter how well travelled you might be, you are not immune to the wandering undead life of a jet-lagged traveller!

Now, humankind has been flying across time zones for generations, but it’s not got any easier! So whilst we can’t ‘fix’ your jet lag, we can try to make it a little easier! And like Leona Lewis says, “it’ll all get better in time!

Forward Planning

Now if you’re going for a long trip the best thing to do is plan a gradual shift to your new time zone. The most seasoned jet lag dodgers plan their sleep a few days ahead, so when they arrive you don’t look like a missing extra out of The Walking Dead!

As a rule of thumb, if you’re travelling west go to bed slightly later and if you’re travelling east go to bed slightly earlier. Try Jet Lag Rooster if you want to mastermind this out!

Actually Sleep

This might seem simple but studies by Expedia say that there’s roughly a 50/50 chance you might be someone who can never sleep on a plane!

So if you travel often, experiment with what works best for you – earplugs, eye mask, neck pillow, sleeping pills, hell even three nips of whiskey. Whatever it is you need for that perfect night, make sure you pack it and actually use it.

Say Goodbye to Caffeine

Now caffeine may usually be your best friend, but it’s really not when you’re flying. Avoid caffeine-laden drinks! The stimulants will only affect your ability to sleep and increase the length of your jet-lagged life; instead, try drinking lots of water to keep hydrated!

Eat Right

Let’s face it aeroplane food is actually quite fun, and definitely part of the experience – with lots of little teeny tiny boxes and sweet treats you’d never normally indulge in. However, be warned – it’s also something to steer clear of if you want to combat jetlag; carbohydrate-rich food will definitely make you feel lethargic, and make your battle with sleep that much harder.

Hang on a minute! Didn’t we say that sleeping in flight was good? Well, whilst that’s partly true – its only good if you’re heading east! Otherwise, that scrumptious carb-laden meal will increase your need for sleep which, if you’re heading west, you definitely don’t want to do. Instead, you should choose lighter, protein-rich meals to help you stay awake!

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you out next time! Or you know you could ride the crazy train and embrace the jet lag, you could always go to a 24hr karaoke in Japan or an early morning market in London….

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