Last Minute Travel Tips: Christmas Edition

We’re the company that never sleeps! Our offices are open 24/7 over the Christmas holiday period. Give us a call or drop us an email to find out how we can help!

The glittering lights, snow-covered trees and dangling mistletoe can only mean one thing — the peak holiday travel season is upon us!
As a present to you, we’ve compiled some last minute travel tips to ease your chaotic Christmas travel!

Packing for Christmas

1. Wanting to take Christmas presents home to your loved ones? Well our advice is to ditch the paper and keep them unwrapped (or perhaps opt for a handy gift bag); you’ll find that as you approach airport security, officers may need to check the contents of your hand and hold luggage – and if they spot any suspicious wrapped packages they’ll be ripped open a bit sooner than you’d planned!

2. Unfortunately, party poppers and Christmas crackers aren’t allowed in either hand or hold luggage for most international airports. So it’s worth holding off on these too!

3. Now if you’ve specially baked some Christmas treats for friends and family, you may want to leave them behind (or gobble them yourself – we won’t judge) as travelling with food can cause all sorts of problems! However, if you’re dead set on bringing your baked delights aboard your flight be sure to check out GOV.UK for the latest advice – heaven forbid granny’s gingerbread get’s confiscated!

4. A great present for any age – the iconic Christmas snowglobe is a gift to be wary of travelling with! Found anywhere at your nearest Christmas market to the local corner shop, these delicate Christmas ornaments must be under 100ml if you’re carrying them in your hand luggage!


1. It’s crucial to allow yourself extra time to not only get to the airport, but to get through security as well. Thousands will be travelling during this period, so expect delays at every stage of your travel journey! We recommend checking your travel route for any impending delays such as road works, closures and accidents before you travel to the airport. Check out AA’s route planner online.

2. If you’re travelling by train, make sure to check the festive timetables for any planned engineering work. It’s also worth noting that UK trains do not run on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

3. If you haven’t already, book those tickets! In the last few days before Christmas, prices will skyrocket, so make sure you’re getting the best value for money and book now (we can help)!

Christmas Shopping Alternatives

1. For the last minute shopper – worry not! Almost every airport has great shops, most offering duty free products (depending on your destination of course), some even promote airport exclusives and special offers! So you can make use of any down time and make your Christmas shopping that bit easier!

2. Definitely worth checking beforehand, but there are certain shops that will offer gift-wrapping at the airport, such as World Duty Free.

3. All those local treats you wanted at the Christmas markets but couldn’t take in your hand/hold luggage (and possibly scoffed on the way) might be available at the airport. Most airports offer outposts of regional favourites!