custard & access bookings? say what now?

What’s yellow and dangerous? Shark infested custard of course! Now you’re probably thinking what does custard have to do with Access Bookings, well, allow us to explain …

We now have an office open in the one and only Custard Factory in Birmingham! Two of our team, Josh and Lizzy are currently working (very hard) from right in the centre of the action and are loving every minute.

But what is the Custard Factory?! Well, back in 1837, Alfred Bird, a qualified chemist, invented instant egg-free Custard powder to cater to his wife Elizabeth’s allergy to eggs and yeast. After feeding it to her and seeing the reactions of some guests he was hosting he soon realised its massive potential and established Alfred Bird and Sons. Before he knew it he was employing thousands of people and even supplied it to the British Army in World War One. What a hero!

As quick as started, it was over for Alfred however. After the strict rationing and production limits imposed during World War Two he had no other choice than to sell it. The company was taken over and in 1964 it was decided that the production would move to Banbury, leaving the Birmingham factory derelict.

Now roll on 24 years later. It was 1988 and Bennie Gray, a business man from out the area accidentally stumbled upon the derelict factories and saw massive potential in them. He secured funding and began turning the factories into offices, they were a massive success and well that, brings us to where we are today.

Almost every day there is something happening in the area, a hive of activity you could say. It’s also home to plenty of production companies so perfect for us to get stuck in and help out!

We are located right in the heart of the Custard Factory, in the Greenhouse so please feel free to drop in and say hi – Josh and Lizzy would be delighted to stick the kettle on for you and have a chat.