Our Top 5 Hotel Brands for Fitness

First things first, Happy New Year from everyone here at Access, we hope you’ve had a fantastic winter break with your loved ones! So, now that you know what day of the week it is – let’s address the topic that’s on everyone’s lips this time of year – you’ve guessed it, the dreaded and infamous ‘New Years Resolution’. Now, if you can believe the statistics, the top 2 resolutions are to exercise more and lose weight/tone up. So, if you’re one of the many that perhaps over-indulged on the many delicious Christmas treats on offer over the festive season, fear thee not! We’re here to help make your resolution friendly hotel decision that little bit easier.

We all know that unless you’ve got Jedi-like will power, sticking to your fitness goals while on the road is a non-starter. Travelling is often about splurging, letting loose, and treating yo’ self. So, we’ve hand-picked a great selection of hotel brands that have fitness rooms…no, not a hotel gym but a fitness hub…in your room!

Hilton – Five Feet to Fitness


Hilton’s ‘Five Feet to Fitness’ rooms combine all the regular amenities of a standard hotel room with your very own built-in mini-gym. The Hilton’s Gym Rax fitness station is typically set up at the far end of the room so there’s no need to worry that you’ll be sleeping on a yoga mat! Featuring a whopping 11 pieces of equipment, you’ve got access to best as soon as you roll out of bed, including – guided workouts, a balance ball, a TRX suspension trainer, yoga/meditation equipment and a stationary bike! Not forgetting there’s a free-to-use hydration station including Vitamin Water, Powerade, protein drinks and coconut water!

You can book your ‘Five Feet to Fitness’ room in 21 hotels worldwide, with plans to expand to 560 Doubletree properties by the end of 2020!

EVEN Hotels (IHG)


EVEN hotels (an IHG brand), equip every guest room with a yoga mat and block, resistance bands, an exercise ball, cork flooring and on-demand fitness videos! What’s that? Solo sweat sessions not your thing? Not a problem! EVEN Hotels also have group classes! Of course, we can’t forget about this hotel’s other awesome fitness perks like freshly prepped (and customisable) healthy nosh (apparently the key to balance), a free gym wear laundry service and ergonomic workstations in every room!

The chain currently has 11 hotels in the US, with 24 worldwide hotels in the pipeline!

Want to book any of these awesome hotels? Just drop us a line or give us a call

Westin Hotels and Resorts


Westin was a true pioneer in the in-room fitness area, being one of the first hotels to cater specifically for guests looking for a more convenient way to stay fit whilst they travel! Their fitness rooms, come complete with a treadmill or a Peloton bike, dumbbells, resistance bands and a stability ball.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Peloton room you can also use Peloton’s Beyond the Ride stretching, core and toning classes.

Don’t worry about forgetting your gym clothes either! Westin has teamed up with fitness brand New Balance to provide you with trainers and clothing (shorts, t-shirt and socks) for just $5! Just request your size and leave them in your room when you check out…easy!

Available in 9 major cities across the US or why not try RunWestin, with over 250 concierges around the world, leading you on a group run of the city!

Tryp by Wyndham


In Tryp by Wyndham hotels, your signature fitness room will come stocked with an exercise machine (choices range from a stationary bike, elliptical machine or treadmill), an exercise mat and complimentary gym clothing. You’ll also get free water and towels for a post-workout cool down! Don’t worry about space either as their fitness rooms tend to be an average of 100 square feet bigger than a standard room.

Available in 100+ TRYP locations worldwide!

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts


Now here’s one with a slight twist to all the others…fitness room service! All you need to do is call the front desk and ask for the complimentary ‘Gym-In-A-Bag’, in it you’ll find all the tools and tricks you need to work up a sweat! Your gym-tastic goody bag includes a gym mat, resistance bands, massage stick, foam roller and a book complete with exercises!   What’s more, if you flip on your TV you’ll be pleased to find on-demand fitness videos and online training programs for athletes at all levels! However, if sweating it out in your room isn’t your jam, then why not go for a run on one of the suggested run routes near your hotel?

Forget the usual stodgy, calorie-filled room service, Sheraton’s ‘Color Your Plate’ program features waist-friendly meals under 500 calories, filled with fruit and veg, whole grain, lean proteins and healthy fats!

So if you like working out and want to keep to those all-important new year’s resolutions, but don’t want to make the trek down to the hotel gym, you can take advantage of the growing trend of in-room fitness amenities!