Is travelling with kit weighing you down?

At Access Bookings we know that excess baggage is a necessity not a luxury for film crews. We can pre book and prepay for your excess baggage for hassle-free travel. Charges vary from destination to destination and between different carriers. With so many rules and regulations it is easy to see why so many travellers get stung with paying extra charges at the check-in desk, so what’s the best way to avoid this?

  1. Weigh up the total cost of the travel
    Compare the total price (including all baggage) against different carriers. With some airlines charging per kg and others charging per bag what initially might look like the most expensive option could prove to be the best value.
  2. Pre pay for your excess baggage in advance
    Save money by pre paying for your excess baggage in advance of travel. Avoid the hassle and additional cost of passengers having to pay for excess charges on check in, arrange it beforehand so check in is a breeze.
  3. Freight/ship/courier the items
    Examine other means to get your kit to your final destination. Ensure that you allow plenty of time for potential delays.

Remember – travelling with a carnet? Just let us know! We will allocate flights with suitable connections. When travelling with a carnet it can take longer to transit onto other flights than usual.

With exclusive media baggage rates speak to our experts today about managing your excess baggage requirements.