It would seem that blue is the new burgundy…

when it comes to the UK’s passports

Forget Orange Is the New Black….. it would seem that blue is the new burgundy! After the UK leaves the EU on Friday 29th March 2019, we’re going back to our roots and returning to the original British blue passport. This first made its first appearance in 1921 and remained until the UK joined the EU in 1973.

Fear not though! We will see these changes in stages, to save on tax payer’s money, so there’s no need to fork out for a new blue one just yet!



The new blue passports will be issued from October 2019, this is when those renewing or applying for a new passport will be replaced with the blue. However, if you’re a current passport holder, there is no need to go rushing to buy another one! Burgundy passports will still be valid until their renewal date, More details on this will be released in Spring 2019 when the official supplier has been appointed.



The new blue passport is set to become the most secure travel document in the world, with a plethora of new security features. This includes replacing the current paper-based picture page with a new plastic-polycarbonate material that will be much harder to forge.


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