Long Live the Summer Blockbuster!

Following release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Alien; Covenant and now the latest instalment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. We look ahead to this summer’s other biggest blockbusters;

Wonder Woman (UK Release Date; 1st June)

The latest in the DC-verse challengers to Marvel, Gal Gadot follows her show-stealing performance in Batman v Superman by reprising her role as Wonder Woman. The first superhero movie to be directed by a woman, this could see them go in a very different direction to the usual fan boy fodder. DC need a big hit, could this be the one?

The Mummy (UK Release date; 9th June)

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Another universe is launched, appropriately, by Universal with the first of a series of classic monster movies that will ultimately bring us Dracula, Frankenstein the Wolf Man and others. Featuring two of Hollywood’s leading men, the evergreen Tom Cruise and the always entertaining Russell Crowe – this is sure to be a big summer hit.

Transformers; The Last Knight (UK Release; 23rd June)

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The fifth instalment from Michael Bay, with each of the previous two grossing more than $1bn worldwide. Mark Wahlberg is joined by Anthony Hopkins so big bucks are almost guaranteed. But can it win over the critics after previous versions have been widely panned? Plenty of people will go and find out.

Despicable Me 3 (UK Release: 30th June)

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Gru and his loveable Minions return following the success of the Minions stand alone movie (a big hit with 5 year olds, source; my child). Signs are good, with Gru heading up against his 1980s obsessed brother, meaning that laughs for children and nostalgia-loving adults are almost guaranteed. Head to head with Cars 3 for biggest animation of the summer.

Spiderman; Homecoming (UK Release; 5th July)

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Another Spidey movie, this time nestled safely in the bosom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland reprises his role as the arachnid superhero after a cameo in Captain America; Civil War, and is mentored again by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Spidey senses tell me this will be huge, popular and THE hit of the summer.

Cars 3 ( UK Release Date; 14th July)

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Lightning McQueen is back in the third instalment of Disney/Pixar’s motor-based franchise. After (in my humble opinion) a disappointing sequel, the studios will be hoping to see a return to form for the little car that can. Owen Wilson and Armie Hammer feature as the voices of main protagonists McQueen and his new rival Jackson Storm.

Dunkirk (UK Release; 21st July)

From fake superheroes to real ones, Christopher “The Dark Knight” Nolan’s first historical trilogy captures the story as Allied Troops are evacuated from French Beaches during World War II. Despite an  all-star cast including Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mary Rylance, Cillian Murphy and One Direction’s Harry Styles(!), a box office hit is not guaranteed, due to the heavy subject matter, but expect nominations galore come awards season!