Top Tips: Save Time When Travelling

With airports getting busier by the second and queues getting longer at security, your ‘two-hour’ window is looking more like four! So here’s a handful of time-saving tips to make your next business trip a breeze!

Be prepared!

If you’re travelling frequently, packing your bag can become a farce! Avoid searching for your see-through bag of liquids, your beloved phone charger and other miscellaneous items! Have everything pre-prepared instead! Having your bag half packed with the essential items will save you time before you even set out!

Travel light

It’s always best to travel light, whether you’re away for a night or a week (or maybe to the moon and back)! You can save tons of time by coming straight off the plane and heading directly for your next meeting. Long waits and lost luggage are a thing of the past!

Be ready for security

The quicker you’re able to get through security the better! Don’t get held up at security with your hand luggage getting pulled for a search because you left your shampoo in your side pocket instead of the clear plastic bag! Just make sure your liquids are in a clear plastic bag and your electronics are put in the screening tray and you should be fine and dandy!

You can’t board without a boarding pass…

Most people tend to save their boarding pass on their phone, but you never know when your phone might run out of juice! Make sure you have a paper copy or bring a power bank, just in case!

Fast track

If you’re the sort of business traveller who just about makes the flight by the skin of their teeth, then this might be one for you! Firstly, you could just aim for the queue with the ‘suits’, joining a queue with other business travellers is sure to be a breeze as you all simultaneously take out your laptops and liquid bags! The other option is that most airports have a ‘fast-track’ queue at security and who wants to be stuck in a queue full of families or first-time travellers?  

And there you have it, our top tips to save you time next time you travel! Get in touch to book your next flight and see how we can help you!