5 Benefits of Choosing Self-Catering for Your Business Travel

It’s safe to say that the self-catering sector has flourished in the last few years. Not only that but serviced apartments and aparthotels in particular, are undergoing a subtle yet dramatic transformation. They are blurring the lines between your traditional hotel stay and other accommodation options and transforming the way we stay.

If you’re working away for an extended period, (which let’s face it if you’re working in the media industry, you probably will be); a serviced apartment could be the best thing for you! With around 2,500 self-catering units scheduled to open in the UK alone, the world truly is your oyster!

So why choose self-catering? What else can you benefit from? Here are just 5 of the reasons why you should choose self-catering for your business travel!

Better Value

A huge factor for business travellers to consider is cost. Without a doubt, you get a better bang for your buck with self-catering accommodation. Not only do you get better square footage than in a hotel room, you often end up with a greater level of luxury than your standard stay!

In most instances, the longer you stay the cheaper the nightly rate is, but the real value for money is that you’re not running up additional bills on meals, drinks and of course the mini-bar. Why? The name’s in the title, self-catering accommodation have kitchens, so you can rustle up some grub for a fraction of the price of eating out.

Privacy and Independence

Business travellers are frequently treated as one homogeneous beast, whereas here at Access we know that each of you have your own unique needs and requirements. This is where self-catering accommodation excels! Hotels cater for the masses but self-catering gives you the independence to choose what you need! City centre location? Done! A separate living room? Done! Want to sit around it your PJ’s all evening? Done!

Vegging on the sofa aside, a huge benefit is privacy. With your own space, you can achieve equal levels of privacy to that of being in your own home.  In most serviced apartments there are security and concierge facilities, helping you to maintain your privacy and feel safe and secure!

Environmental Impact

A concern that’s on everybody’s minds around the globe, is being as environmentally friendly as possible. But how is choosing self-catering going to help you do your bit for the planet you ask? Whilst the option for your daily room refresh is still available, this isn’t a choice you have to take – thus saving both water and energy. Even more so, most self-catering choices are removing miniature toiletries from their facilities; therein reducing harmful single-use plastic waste.

But wait! There’s more! As there’s less personnel required to staff the building – there is an effective ripple in environmental savings. Less staff = less power needed for staff utilities = lesser impact on the environment.


Choosing self-catering doesn’t have to be just for longer stays either. There’s an abundance of rewarding perks you can reap by choosing this balance friendly option. Some of the common benefits include discounted secure parking, a choice of accessible rooms in the same building, and on-location conference rooms – which is a definite bonus if you’re not a morning person and dread the thought of early morning travel!

Aparthotels such as Staycity also offer business services too – so if you have a desperate need to print, copy or even fax – these are all available just metres away from your bedroom!


Of course, we can’t forget another big bonus of choosing self-catering – convenience. Perfectly situated wherever you need them! A cottage in the Scottish Highlands? No problem! 12 rooms in the city centre? Sure thing – we can get you 13.

It’s not just the flexibility of where to go either, the range of facilities within arms reach are fantastic for any indecisive traveller! Fancy eating out for one night but don’t want to go far? Citysuites in Manchester has an exclusive lounge restaurant on location – so you don’t have to rustle up a meal every night if you don’t want to.

Some aparthotels also offers breakfast deals for those wanting a more B&B experience! Supercity can also provide an essential or executive hamper so you don’t have to shop before you arrive! Everything from pasta to popcorn!

So there you have it, our top 5 reasons for choosing self-catering for your next business trip!

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