the accessible campaign

Here at Access Bookings, we always put our client’s individual needs first, that’s why we’re making sure that we’re on top of our game with our accessibility campaign. With the ever-changing needs of clients, we wanted to add a personal touch to the way we source and rank our accessible rooms.

Currently the volume of people requiring accessible rooms sits at 15% for overnight trips. This just highlights the volume and size of the UK Accessible Tourism market!

Our aims

  • To streamline the booking process for all clients.
  • Reduce the need for dedicated communications (phone, email etc) for accessibility concerns.
  • Ensure consistent and comprehensive booking/travel experience, regardless of individual health needs.

Our approach

Alongside personal/dedicated research, we’ve looked at UK regulations, standards and advice, such as Visit Britain, Scope and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Combining research, with our extensive knowledge of accommodation and travel and our existing media clients, we’ve compiled an extensive survey, which we believe will help us transform accessible business travel.

From this campaign we are hoping to find some of the best accessible rooms within business hub areas, throughout the UK. The way we book won’t change but you can be rest assured that we’ll find the right accessible room for you.


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