Top 5 Theories for Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

With the release of The Last Jedi racing round in the next parsec, here at Access we’ve been theorising what will happen next in the galaxy far, far away.

Here are our top force intensive theories:

1. The Knights of Ren are ex-students of Luke Skywalker

knights of ren

What if Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) wasn’t the first student of Luke’s to turn to the dark side?

This theory sounds completely plausible – and would definitely answer that lingering question as to why we encountered Luke in complete isolation in The Last Jedi. How you ask? Well if Luke did have students questioning his teaching (much like his father Anakin did with Obi-Wan), they too could have chosen the dark side of the force and then have found leadership with Kylo Ren and thus formed the Knights of Ren. This could explain his isolation (and agreeable shame) as Luke wouldn’t have just failed one padawan, but all of them. In the trailer we see that flashes of Ren go through his (Lukes) mind as he looks at Rey. “What if I fail again, I can’t train another”.

What if Rey and Ren are a play on Luke and Leia?

What if a good Jedi going bad isn’t the only reoccurring element in the next chapter of Star Wars? What if Rey & Ren are brother and sister and maybe that’s why Luke sent her away – to protect her from turning out like Ren? This could also explain why Ren has a loose knowledge of Rey when they were younger.

More about this theory: Reddit user reverent_irrelevance

2. Rey is Luke’s Clone


Ok, so this one is a little bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely a head-scratching what if – especially given that we know that in the Star Wars universe that clones are always a recurring possibility (and Rey’s parentage isn’t yet known), but what if Rey actually is a genetically modified clone bred from Luke’s severed hand?

More about this theory: Mike Zeroh


3. Luke has turned to the dark side


This rumour goes back to The Force Awakens when many thought Kylo Ren was Luke behind the mask – but of course since its release we’ve learnt that Kylo is the son of Han and Leia and his given name is actually Ben Solo. Oh and he was trained by his uncle Luke as his apprentice until he turned against him and the light side of the force to follow Snoke.


But the fire that breathes life into this theory again is the release of an IMAX standee for The Last Jedi. On which we can clearly see Luke on what appears to be both sides of the force (The light/resistance and the Dark /The first order) 

Could this be hinting that our Jedi hero Luke Skywalker will go dark in The Last Jedi? Or are the producers rehashing Luke’s historic struggle between the light and dark side again?

4.  The Grey Jedi


Now we all know that there is a Light and Dark side of the force and generally speaking it’s that student’s choice which side to follow.

Those fighting in the light must constantly show that they can overcome fear and resist emotional attachments and those on the Dark side must embrace their emotions and channel them to power.

But, what if there is another side of the force which we have not seen that is between both Light and Dark that can create a true balance to the force?

In the latest trailer we hear Luke express that “the Jedi must end”, so perhaps if the theory of the grey Jedi is true, maybe they aren’t actually Jedi or Sith lords, but a new type of force user that will bring balance back to the galaxy.


5. Rey’s is Obi Wan Kenobi’s grand-daughter


Ok so in case you missed this one – in Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens trailer we hear Obi’s voice saying “Rey, these are your first steps”. Our question is – why would he be reaching out to her unless they were family or knew each other at some point? Supposedly, on the other hand, you could perhaps say he’s just reaching out because this is what is needed to keep the force balanced; much like he did by reaching out to Luke about and telling him that his father (Anakin) was destroyed by Vader in order to warn him and as he knew the whole truth may have changed his view of the force during his training.

“The force is with you Rey but you are not a Jedi yet”

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