Top Tips for Travelling in 2018

From festivals to FIFA championships (and everything else on the calendar for 2018), we’ve got all of your travel plans covered this summer – so we’ve collated a few handy hints and tips to get you ready and to make your summer awesome!





Often cheaper rates can be picked up if you book early and in the case of sporting events, if you book before competitors are confirmed. Availability of flights, hotels, and rental cars can disappear in a hurry. Booking as soon as you know that you’re going to the event, is the only way to assure that you can get there and that you’ll have a place to stay!

If you are travelling overseas with kit, our experienced agents can help with arranging your carnets. Get in touch!

Look at whether or not you need to travel direct! Often travelling via other cities, or flying into one airport and out another, with the help of trains and cars, can work out much cheaper – plus you get to see much more of the world! But don’t worry we can help you figure out the best option! Get in touch at +44(0)1543 272 575 to find out how we can help!





Beware of any scams involving counterfeit tickets. It’s best to purchase tickets from a team-sanctioned ticket reseller or through a site like Ticketmaster, which guarantees the ticket. The ticket could still be fake, but at least you can get your money back!





Pre-book/Pay for taxis and transfers, big sporting events often bring about the best (and the worst) of the scam artists! So try to book these before you travel to ensure you get a fair price; don’t worry if you are last minute though – our team are experts in last minute travel; make sure you get in touch at +44(0)1543 272 575 and see what we can do.

Local services can sometimes save you money and headaches during busy times. We can help you weigh up the cost of the rental car, parking, fuel, and other incidentals against the price of local services, such as a taxi.

When travelling to events in London, such as Wimbledon, try to use the tube and the tram during peak travel times, but if it’s busy get off at the stop before (or the second nearest) and walk…. Sometimes its only 10 minutes away!

Don’t worry if you’re stuck! We go the extra mile at Access, so if you’re in need we can help 24 hours a day! 



  • If you’re going to a sporting event, don’t wear team colours if you’re not at a match.
  • Research the area, know where the dangerous places are and stay away!
  • Don’t carry too much cash at a time; some countries actually prefer card payments so try to use a card as much as possible.
  • Always carry your passport or at the least a copy of it.
  • Food and souvenir prices are notoriously high inside sporting venues. You will almost always save more money and eat better food outside the venue.
  • Social media is great for sharing photos of your trip with your friends, but whilst apps can enhance your trip, they do tend to drain your phone’s battery so bring a power bank!


We hope you have a great trip this summer and don’t forget to share some of your pics with us!

Remember! If there’s anything we can do to help with your travel and accommodation, let us know!