Top Tips: Surviving Long-Haul Travel

Do you dread long haul travel? If so this might be the blog for you! It doesn’t matter how luxurious your destination may be, you’ll probably dread the long hours to actually get there – it’s a perfect vision of hell!

Flying long haul could be a dream (depending on your high expectations) with only a few simple changes

Only Choose the Best

Do some research before you book, you might be choosing an airline for price rather than comfort. In terms of overall comfort and seat pitch, the most popular airlines tend to be Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Air New Zealand. If you’re blessed with long legs – or just like to keep your kneecaps you’ll need to check out what the average seat pitch and width is, to see how much room you’ll have to stretch out in the air!

So you’ve got the airline covered, what next? One of the most essential tips is to choose a good seat (where possible). Believe it or not, there is a science about choosing the right seat but stick to these general rules:

– If you have restless legs and you want to move about make sure you get an aisle seat.
– If you want more leg room, opt for an exit row.
– If you need to get some work done or catch 40 winks (without screaming babies), stay away from the front of the plane as this is often where you’ll find the special provision for babies on international flights!

Home Comforts

Everyone has their own ways of coping with long-haul travel. A general rule is to dress comfortably in loose clothing and have a hoodie or jumper at hand in case things get a little chilly!

You’ll be travelling for the equivalent of a whole day or night, so it’s worth bringing a few home comforts and essentials. Invest in a decent travel pillow to make sleeping less of a neck ache and have a good travel mask and earplugs (so that you can forget the other 300-odd people around you)!

Stay Healthy

If you happen to be stuck in a middle or window seat, don’t rush back to your seat after your loo break, those precious minutes up and out of your seat will help! Now we’re not saying you should host an impromptu stretching class in the middle of the galley, but do stretch your short toilet break for a 10 minute wander around the cabin.

Be sure to hydrate to keep discomfort from cabin air at bay! By all means, get your flight off to a relaxing start with a glass of wine, but remember that alcohol, caffeine and sugary soft drinks are very dehydrating. Sipping water and juice throughout the flight will help you stay fresh and reduce the effects of jet lag too (bonus)!

Follow these quick tips and your next long haul trip could be more of a joyride!