Around the World in 80 Sips

Here at Access HQ we love to travel – it’s our thing – and like many of you we’re yearning to explore the world once more. We’re busy talking, emailing and ‘zooming’ with suppliers and clients alike to discuss the safest ways to get us back into that exciting, vast and wonderful world 

During this lockdown, and whilst we begin to stir, we wanted to discover how to bring a little bit of the world into our homes. Eureka! What’s more fun than stimulating the senses, tickling the taste buds, and inspiring your mind to soar? So, over the coming days we’ll share our favourite tipples from around the globe…. 

Singapore Sling 

An absolute classic. Singapore Slings are synonymous with Raffles and Singapore itself; widely regarded as the national drink of the country. The original cocktail was first created by Raffles bartender Ngiam Tong Boon. Picture yourself, surrounded by luxury and shrouded in tradition. Take a peek at the iconic Raffles Singapore, then whip up your own bit of history.  


30ml Gin 
15ml Cherry Brandy 
7.5ml Benedictine DOM 
7.5ml Cointreau 
120ml Pineapple Juice 
15ml Lime Juice 
A dash of Angostura Bitters 
10ml Grenadine  


Well shaken, with Ice  

The Parisian 

Paris, a city full of romance, drama and haute couture. The Maison Souquet embodies the hedonistic, lavish and slightly dashing side of Parisian culture. An intimate, striking and boutique  bolt-hole to explore this city of intrigue and pleasure. So, dress up, dip the lights low and celebrate all things chic like a true Parisian.   


60 ml Dry Vermouth
45 ml Gin 
15 ml Crème de Cassis 
Garnish with Blackberries  


Add the vermouth, gin and crème de cassis to your mixing glass with ice and stir. 

Boston Rum Punch   

 Boston is perfect blend of the old and the new, bathed in that famous New England autumnal glow. Home to the “cradle of liberty”, the Freedom Trail and the USS Constitution as well as educational powerhouses Harvard and MIT. The Boston Harbor Hotel is the original dame, the grand and striking venue that’s “classically current”As an honorary Bostonian, don that Red Sox jersey, enjoy a Fenway Frank and shout cheers to this vibrant, eclectic city.       


 60 ml Traditional Jamaican Rum
Lemonade (home made)  
Peels of 6 Lemons 
150g of Demerara Sugar 
178 ml Lemon Juice
710 ml Water 
Garnish Nutmeg or half a strawberry and an orange slice 


Add the Rum into a shaker with finely cracked ice and fill with lemonade, then shake briefly. 

Osaka Dry 

 The party capital of Japan; this urban, playful playground comes alive at night. Neon lights, skyscrapers and hectic bars fill this sprawling city. The Conrad Osaka your ‘address in the sky’ combines the spectacular skyline with ultra-modern luxury. Osaka is not without its history; the 16th century shogunate Osaka Castle stands imposing and proud amongst the humming nightlife and contemporary architecture. Raise a glass to this personality packed city and say kanpai!” the literal meaning is “dry cup”! Says it all really.  


90 ml Vodka
30 ml Sake
Garnish with a picked plum 


Shake with cracked ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.   

London Fog 

 Our fair capital, a fitting end to our whistlestop tour; and no trip around the world would be complete without a “Fogg” or two. A cosmopolitan city that’s bursting with heritage, intrigue and a love of the arts, its home to the political and royal households, as well as theatres, museums and galleries aplenty. Dukes, housed in historic St James’s Mayfair and still flying its Union Jack above the courtyard entrance, exudes quintessential British charm in elegant surroundings. Whatever the weather, tip your hat, raise a toast and get just a little ‘Scotch Mist’. (Then test your friends on their Cockney rhyming slang.)   


 40 ml Gin
7.5 ml Pernod Abinsthe
Lemon Zest 


Add gin and Pernod to glass filled with icand stir. 

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