At Your Service: Behind Closed Doors in NYC

Kicking off our ‘At Your Service’ series, we’ve picked the brains of Royalton Hotel, Sales Director Robert Turner for the inside scoop of everything you need to know for your next trip to NYC, from the best eateries to the must have travel essentials for the city and of course the business know how on your favourite destinations from the local’s themselves.



What time do most locals dine and where do they like to eat?

“NYC is a late dining city, my wife and I don’t usually eat until about 7:30pm or 8:00pm. We use a recipe delivery service (we use blue Apron) about 3 nights per week, and we usually order in once a week – at the weekend however we almost always eat out.  A lot of our friends are the same way – eat late and then dine out on the weekends. Also, brunch is really big in NYC and you’ll find a lot of places have “all you can drink” mimosas which makes for a nice afternoon.”


Are there any hidden treasures you’d recommend?

“I really like Gallow Green.  It’s an outdoor, rooftop bar on the top of the Mckittrick Hotel (not really a hotel, it’s a performance space housing the creepily awesome ‘Sleep No More’ – which is also a hidden gem). 

I also like Bar Centrale, it’s on ‘restaurant row’ (46th street between 8th and 9th avenue) in a brownstone building with no sign (it’s reservations only – so be sure to book ahead) and when you walk in it’s like stepping back in time to 1920’s prohibition NYC. Also the cocktails and food are incredible and even in the midst of the touristy NYC, it doesn’t feel touristy at all.”


Which area of NYC should travellers stay?

“Our midtown location is just steps away from key attractions such as Bryant Park, Times Square, the Theatre District and the Rockefeller Center, and almost all of the subway lines are close by. Another good location is The Bowery, the area has a lot of great history, and even though it’s a little off the beaten path, it’s really easy to get a subway there, and still showcases a lot of authentic NYC features.”



What’s the most important thing for business travellers to pack when they’re heading into the city?

“Spare phone chargers. When you’re in a hurry, it’s easily done leaving chargers at the coffee shop, in the taxi and at the hotel; a spare two chargers will be well worth the extra space.”


If one of our business travellers only has a few hours to see NYC, what must they see?

“Definitely Central Park and the Empire State Building, also the new transportation hub ‘The Oculus‘ next to the World Trade Center is magnificent and was designed by Santiago Calatrava.”


Where can I get my caffeine fix? 

“At the Royalton, we have ‘Forty Four’ (our bar and restaurant) that serves breakfast every day, and lunch and dinner Monday–Friday. Come down for our morning French press coffee, a cappuccino or even an espresso. Just next door to the hotel is Gregory’s coffee, a funky chain of coffee shops/bakeries that serve great coffee and also have a great selection of vegan treats.”



Where’s the best ‘Happy Hour’? 

At ‘Fourty Four’, our Liquid Chefs serve some of the most innovative, unique craft cocktails anywhere in NYC! ‘The Knox County Fair’ made with Whistlepig Rye, and our most popular, the ‘Hickory Old Fashioned’, a smokey concoction of hickory infused bourbon and maple whiskey are guaranteed to keep happy hour happy!” 


If you have 5 words to describe your hotel what would you use?

“Original, sophisticated, authentic, stylish, iconic”



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