With summer well underway, the last thing that you want to be doing is slogging through the internet trying to source the BEST venue for your next screening, filmed interview or wrap party, right? You’re hot (so hot!), day dreaming of margaritas on the beach, and wishing you were anywhere but your hot, sticky, office! Well, luckily for you our MICE experts are on hand to take care of everything you could possibly need to host the most spectacular shindig around!

Gone are the days where the word ‘meeting’ meant four white walls, stale biccies and coffee so weak you’d struggle to keep your eyes open through the first half an hour… Let alone the remaining eight (ZzzZzZ)! Let’s all actively try not to recall those memories before our heads hit the deck! You heard it here first, meetings have had a face lift, they’ve upgraded, they’re modern and super trendy! Think late brunch with panoramic views of London, tea on tap in quirky country hotels or bespoke packages in the most mind-blowing venues! Don’t believe us? Let us find you a venue! Head out of the office and clank your heads together somewhere other than the cupboard at the end of the corridor! (How is anyone supposed to come up with the next biggest block buster in there?)

TV & Film is what we do. We understand that you’ve got tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and specific needs. Don’t worry, we get it! You’ve suddenly bagged a last minute interview and need somewhere to film NOW! Let us know where you need to be, what you need the room to look like and leave the rest to us whilst you co-ordinate your crew! It really is that easy…. We promise!

Whether it’s a decadent dinner, lavish lash up or a giddy get-together our MICE team will find you the go-to venue to impress your guests! All work and no play is no fun and we know that you work around the clock, so whether you’re wrapping up the latest shoot or saying goodbye to your crazy co-worker forget the stress of having to co-ordinate the whole thing and just enjoy it! From arranging pre-orders, to dietary requirements and even letting the venue know who your VIPs are; we’ve got it covered.

Give yourself a break this summer, you deserve it! Think of all of the spare time you’re going to have if you leave all of the above up to us – it’s a no-brainer! And who knows, maybe you’ll get that margarita after all!

Contact us today on MICE@accessbookings.com