Rail Travel: Just the ticket!

Most business travellers don’t consider booking rail tickets, but travelling by rail can be more economical (and comfortable for that matter) when travelling on certain routes! Long are the days when you frequented bustling airports and manic check-in desks – rail travel might just be the ticket for you!


Travelling by rail is a cost-effective way of travelling, especially if it’s a relatively short distance. Our expert travel team always make sure you’re getting the best deals at the time of booking, using their extensive knowledge of routes and providers. Depending on the route they might show you alternatives available at a similar time for a lower cost, something which most business travellers don’t have time to do!



Thousands of destinations across Europe can be reached from the UK every day, so you can pick the time that fits your needs best! If it’s a far-flung destination you’re heading off too, you could even consider an overnight sleeper train and wake up at your destination!



If you usually travel from London to Glasgow by plane, try swapping to rail travel, you’ll lower your CO2 emissions by half! If you worry about how much your business travel impacts the environment, know that train travel is much greener than flying… or driving!

Plus, if you swap to E-tickets where possible, you’ll save paper on printing!



With over 30 years of experience, we have offices worldwide, filled to the brim with creative, committed and experienced people.

Unfortunately, rail strikes are becoming far too much of a common occurrence, that’s why we’re here for you when you need us. 24/7, all year round. So if you’re working late or if the unexpected happens our award-winning travel team can help!



Don’t worry, you can keep your environmental objectives on track with our carbon offsetting reports! Not only this, but full management information is available for all train bookings. From missed opportunities and savings data, to viewing ticket type, booking date, class of travel and stations booked. Review which routes you are booking most frequently, and which train operating company you are spending the most with.

We provide the information to help you make savvy business choices and tailor your programme accordingly.


Get in touch with our travel team on +44(0)1543 272 584  or drop us an email for more information at contactus@accesstravelmanagement.com to see how we can help!