When in Mexico

There is no denying that Mexico makes a formidable filming destination, from the tropical blue waters and expansive beaches in the Maya Riviera to the Mayan ruins and bustling cities Mexico is more in demand than ever. Given the sheer size of the country it is no surprise that it offers a wealth of opportunities for filming. Here’s what you need to know about the logistics of getting everyone (and everything) over there.

Mexico is well served from most American cities with direct flights from Miami, New York and LA, as well as London, Rome, Amsterdam and Tokyo to name just a few. The three airports with most international arrivals are Mexico City, Cancun and Guadalajara. Mexico is an ATA Carnet (international customs document that allows goods to be imported without paying duties and taxes) country. Remember if you are transiting via the USA you must clear customs and immigration before boarding your connection. Check in advance if your luggage was checked directly to your final destination or if you have to collect it before clearing customs.

If you require transfers ensure that your crew are fully versed on how to recognise your greeter and/or driver and where they will be standing. Most legitimate companies will provide you with detailed instructions on what their signs look like and even the uniform that their staff will be wearing. Beware of the pirates – no not the ones with an eye patch and parrot on their shoulder – but unauthorised people who offer transportation services. They are not authorised to operate at the airport, often don’t have insurance and their vehicles may not be roadworthy.

There is an extensive number of car hire providers in Mexico, but if you are looking for multiple SUV, people carrier or luxury vehicles be prepared that you may need to rent from multiple suppliers. If you are employing local crews ensure that they are able to drive the vehicles, not all companies allow Mexican nationals to drive. Not all production insurance, insurance purchased via an online booking agent, or insurance via your credit card provider is valid in Mexico. Name changes can be tricky so try and lock down any additional drivers before the commencement of the rental.

Mexico has a long established history of filmmaking from TV shows to feature films and commercials. Unsurprisingly Access Bookings has managed the accommodation requirements for many productions and can provide preferential rates at both hotels and self catering properties.

These are some of the productions that have filmed in Mexico;


Baja Studios were originally built for James Cameron’s Titanic. The studios house the world biggest tanks alongside five stages.

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The opening scenes of James Bond: Spectre were filmed in Mexico City.


Elysium filmed around the suburbs of Mexico City.


MTV’s Ex on the Beach filmed along the Maya Riviera.

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