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8 of the UK’s Most Instagram Friendly Hotels

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What: Imagine pure industrial design, unique waterfront location, living room and rooftop terrace – all with a view every Londoner could only dream of waking up with. The Good Hotel offers a premium hotel experience and the opportunity to do something back for the local community while travelling. The hotel is located in the historical Royal Victoria Docks in London, and is a profit for non-profit business. This means it employs a social business model that re-invests all its profits.

Where: Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London, E16 1FA



Bristol Harbour Hotel & Spa

What: Bristol Harbour Hotel & Spa fuses two iconic former bank properties to offer contemporary luxurious accommodation with impeccable design and a spectacular events space (hit us up to book your next event) – right in the heart of the city. This hotel boasts fantastic views, overlooking Bristol’s renowned St Nicholas Market, or the stunning Corn Street in Bristol’s historic centre and they even offer complimentary decanters of Gin and Sherry in every room.

Where: 55 Corn St, Bristol BS1 1HT



King Street Townhouse

What: This four-star hotel is set in an impressive Italian renaissance building, originally built in 1872 for the Manchester Salford Trustees Bank. Right in the heart of Manchester, you’ll instantly feel relaxed in King Street Townhouse, with its rooftop spa-pool and stylish interiors. From lights with exposed filaments to hand-picked books on shelves, the attention to detail is clear. Plus you can overlook the city’s ruggedly handsome skyline – a muddle of spires and glass monoliths dominated by the Town Hall and sci-fi-esque Beetham Tower.

Where: 10 Booth Street, Upper King Street, M2 4AW


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