Top 10: Unmissable Blockbusters

Got the movie blues after seeing Endgame and can’t wait for the next Marvel Hit? Here are our top picks of upcoming blockbusters to see you through the next few months!

Rocketman – 24th May

Hot on the heels of the smash-hit Bohemian Rhapsody, this biopic is about the much loved British Pop icon, Elton John! Sir Elton himself praised Taron Egerton’s performance, making this a must-see for old and young rockers alike!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – 29th May

Imagine big legendary monsters fighting other big legendary monsters to save the world! What’s not to love? Plus feature performances from Stranger Things’ very own Millie Bobby Brown you can be sure this will be a sci-fi/fantasy hit!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 7th June

Get your superhero fix with Marvel’s other super successful franchise, the X-Men! GOT’s Sophie Turner and James McAvoy lead an all-star stellar cast, which can only mean great things!

Men in Black: International – 14th June

Unfortunately, there’s no Will Smith, but Chris “Thor” Hemsworth and Tessa “Valkryie” Thompson will ensure you get your fix of Avengers, in this out of this world action comedy!

Toy Story 4 – 21st June

After the weepy ending to Toy Story 3, Buzz, Woody and the Gang are all back to embark on a madcap adventure, 24 (yes 24!!) years after the original movie charmed its way into our hearts!

Child’s Play – 21st June

Want something a little on the dark side? Well, Chuckies back in this classic horror reboot! See if you can spot the famous actor behind the voice of the gruesome doll…he might need the empire to strike back (yes that is a hint!)

Spider-Man: Far from Home – 3rd July

Well, we got to number 7 on the list before Marvel returned once more! Set after Endgame, Tom Holland plays the teenage web-slinger, in what is sure to be a box office hit!

The Lion King – 19th July

Disney continues its “live-action” remakes by remastering what many consider their finest animated work to date! Donald Glover, Beyonce and the original Mufasa, James Earl Jones lend their voices to what is bound to be an emotional ride!

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – 26th July

Expect a stylish thriller from Tarantino’s latest offering. An all-star ensemble (Di Caprio, Robbie, Pacino and more) cast us back to Hollywood’s heyday!

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – 2nd August

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Jason Statham. Fast cars. Lots of Noise. The Ultimate recipe the perfect Summer blockbuster!

Now I think that should sort your calendar out for a while…