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Here at Access Bookings we are devoted to making the lives of our clients simple and stress-free, that's why we're committed to ensuring our booking process is as comprehensive and efficient as possible; one of the main ways that we make sure that we're on top of our game is with our bespoke venue supplier grading programmes.

Access Bookings venue supplier grading programmes allow for quick collation of participating properties at the client's behest, without interfering with hotel operations. This means our wonderful suppliers don't get bogged down with phone calls about eco-friendly toilet paper in the middle of Monday morning check-in's and our amazing clients, can easily see if the property they're looking at ticks all of their production requirements.

"Why else are these so great?" you may ask. Well...

  • Our venue supplier grading programmes are completely free for both suppliers and clients. They offer a vital solution for time-poor clients who need to find production-suitable solutions efficiently.
  • Enrolling is quick and easy. There's no convoluted application process that takes months to be approved by committees before properties are awarded a grade. Instead, it's just a simple and concise Q&A that gets straight to the point. Once applied, a property can receive a grade and be live on our systems within the hour.
  • They're simple to understand, our grading processes adopt a bronze/silver/gold grading system with breakdowns available to explain how and why a property achieved its grade.

Eco grading badge

environmental awareness


We're quite fond of planet Earth at Access Bookings, that's why we're committed to being as sustainably conscious and as ethically responsible as possible. We believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a greener and healthier place for all of us. That's why we have developed an environmental awareness grading programme to help our clients identify properties that are actively working to make a difference.

This programme also helps our clients meet ESG and carbon offsetting requirements for their production. So let's work together and make planet Earth even more amazing!

For more information on what we do to be green, please visit our CSR information page.

how it works

for suppliers

It's simple, all you have to do is drop our wonderful supplier relations team an email at explaining who you are and the details of the property you'd like you enrol, and then we set you up a secure unique link to our online questionnaire*. Once completed, you will receive a grade and be live on our systems within the hour.

for clients

Once a property enrols in our programme, you'll be the first to know! Their grading badge will be displayed instantly on all our online platforms and on any booking confirmations we share with you. So, you can rest assured that you're always in the loop!

* FYI - we don't just make these gradings up willy-nilly, we did our homework (pinky promise). All of our gradings are based around the brilliant groundwork that Albert have provided for travel for the media industry

grading breakdown

Our grading process is simple, depending on the number of criteria the property meets, the property will either achieve bronze, silver or gold.

1-3 positive responses: Bronze, 4-9 positive responses: Silver, 10+ positive responses: Gold
Renewable energy badge

renewable energy

We're all about sustainability, and that means making sure our hotels are doing their bit too. As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting sustainability throughout our supply chain, we check to see if hotels are using 100% renewable energy. After all, energy production is one of the biggest sources of CO2 emissions! To make things easier for you, we've created a nifty little badge that you can spot on across our online and offline systems that shows whether your accommodation provider is as passionate about renewable energy as we are!

Media grading badge

media friendly


We know the media industry, it's the reason why we're great at what we do and why thousands of productions choose Access Bookings every year - we ensure this by making sure that our clients get access to the best media friendly venues across the globe.

It's simple really, the aim of our media friendly programme is to make the lives of our lovely clients easier! So there's no need to worry whether the car park is big enough, or whether a venue allows for late check-in's, we've done all of the querying for you, so you can be sure when you spot our lovely badges, that the venue you've chosen is right for you and your production.

how it works

for suppliers

It's simple! Once a year as a part of our RFP process you will be asked a series of questions* about the services you offer. Once your RFP submission has been processed your grade will then be calculated and pushed live across our systems.

for clients

So long as a property has completed our RFP questionnaire and has met the criteria needed to be awarded a grade, their badge will be displayed on all our online platforms and on any booking confirmations we share with you.

* Psst! we don't just ask for any old questions, we've done extensive client surveys and collated the top requirements that production clients ask for every time.

grading breakdown

Our grading process is simple, depending on whether the property meets the necessary criteria for each section, they will either achieve base, bronze, silver or gold.

2 criteria points met: Base, 7 criteria points met: Bronze, 13 criteria points met: Silver, 22 criteria points met: Gold
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We're always happy to help. Really - we're here 24/7 to make sure you get the best options and experience possible, wherever in the world you are.

So whether you're new to Access or have used us before - if you have a question get in touch!

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